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The mobile gaming industry is estimated to be worth about $120B billion in 2021 and accounts for 75% of all mobile purchases with over 2.6 billion gamers worldwide.

Introducing SE Gaming Services

SE Gaming Services is an esports consulting and development company that specializes in creating innovative solutions for mobile  gaming. From publisher consultation to helping players decrease their cost of gaming, we do it all. We’re also developing an esports tournament platform using blockchain technology.

We know what gamers want because we are gamers, too.

We’re here to disrupt the mobile gaming ecosystem with a player-first philosophy that will drive game retention through competition and increase ARPDAU through player engagement. 

MAXIMIZE winning

Our Services


We  develop competitive strategy for gamers competing in Final Fantasy XV: A New Empire, World War Rising, King of Avalon, and more. 

Publisher Consultation

We represent a group of high net worth gamers that can consult with publishers on how to properly design in-game events, sales packages, and marketing strategies to increase player satisfaction, engagement, and ARPDAU.

Account Management

We provide services to find the best discounts and savings for gamers who want to lower their cost of gaming and manage their gaming investments more effectively.

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